how to live and travel the world from your van

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Weight Loss While Vanabode Traveling
Before and After Pictures

I'm not big on putting pictures of myself on the Internet but I keep getting so many requests via email that I have decided to do so. Many of you know our whole story, how we worked normal jobs and got fat like everybody else. Then, as discussed in the book our full time rv travel helped us not only have a lot of fun, and live a rewarding life, we even lost weight. Without travel you see how fat I got.

Before and after hoodia diet pill weight loss picture

Left: Before losing weight living in a house. Right: after eating lots of good healthy foods while having fun Vanabode traveling all over (daily fun equals no boredom bing eating).

Before and after weight loss pictures

The Vanabode book shows how to cook hot meals anywhere without electricity, fire or fuel, made from the freshest ingredients including organic fruits, vegetables, meats, artisan breads, and cheeses purchased from thousands of farmers markets and roadside produce stands across the country.

van camping food picture

Photo shows what we eat when we aren't chomping on sweet little grilled ribeyes or lobster chops broiled in a saucer of butter cream. Traveling all over in the Vanabode lifestyle allows you to find, afford and purchase high quality, organic, specialty foods sold in farmers markets like the ones shown above, fresh grapefruit, heirloom and grape tomatoes, sugar snap peas, avocado, dates, olive oil, and both goat and sheep cheeses.

woman loses weight traveling in a van bikini picture

woman loses weight traveling

Here my wife is in her 40's but looks like she's 20. If you Vanabode you will eat better than you ever have and lose weight naturally.


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